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CMSA and its Board of Directors are pleased to offer the Standards of Practice for Case Management, 2016 revision, which provides practice guidelines for the case management industry and its diverse stakeholders. These standards identify and address important foundational knowledge, skills, and competencies for the professional case manager within a spectrum of case management practice settings, specialties, and health and human service disciplines.

The impetus for the 2016’s revision of the Standards is the need to emphasize the professional nature of the practice and role of the case manager.

The maturity of the practice of case management, the importance of protecting the professional role of case managers, and the enactment of new laws and regulations including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act all legitimize professional case management as an integral and necessary component of the health care delivery system in the United States.

Similar to past revisions, the 2016 Standards reflect recent changes in the industry, which resonate with current practice. Some of these changes include the following:

  • Minimizing fragmentation in the health care system, application of evidence-based guidelines in practice to promote collaborative care coordination, navigating transitions of care, and incorporating adherence guidelines and other standardized practice tools.

  • Expanding and maximizing the contribution of the interprofessional collaborative health care team to planning care and services for individuals, improving the experience of those who are the recipients of professional case management services, and ensuring safe, quality and cost-effective outcomes.

We believe these are all important factors that professional case managers need to address in their practice. The 2016 Standards of Practice contain information about case management including an updated definition, practice settings, roles and responsibilities, case management process, philosophy and guiding principles, as well as the standards and how they are demonstrated.

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