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CMSA has created several public downloads based on the .e4 project research as they relate to case management certification. Clicking the download button next to a resource will take you to a brief form to complete before accessing that free download. Once you've filled out the form one time, it will auto-populate for any additional downloads.

Case Management Certification Criteria

CMSA has compiled a listing of credentialing entities and eligibility requirements for case management credentials across the continuum.

Case Management Certification Exam Resources

There are many resources for individuals preparing to take a case management certification exam. CMSA has compiled some of the most utilized and well-known tools in the industry today.

Case Management Certification Exam Resources Infographic

Based on the exam resources in the download above, an accompanying infographic displays the resources in a graphical presentation.

Types of Certifications Infographic

This infographic provides a graphical representation of the distinctions between certification, licensure, certificate and certificate programs.


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