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Do I Need to Become Certified? If so, How?

These questions are common in the case management world as there are a variety of certification options available to nurses, social workers and other allied health professionals. The multitude of options can be confusing and frustrating to navigate!

As the largest multi-disciplinary case management association in the United States, the Case Management Society of America believes certification is important to demonstrate proficiency in case management skills. CMSA is a professional case management organization — not a certifying body and has developed the resources and tools on this site for the public to explore the options and benefits available surrounding certification in case management.

The term "certification" is often used as a catch-all term for activities that apply to the credentialing of individuals and institutions. In fact, certification is a process that results in credentials. It is important for healthcare professionals seeking to validate their expertise in case management, care management or care coordination to understand options and what is required to achieve professional certification.

The resources offered on this site provide information on the various certifications that are available, the requirements that must be met to sit for each certification as well as preparation courses and resources for certification exams. Scroll down to learn more and begin your journey down the path of professional expertise!


In professional circles, certification typically denotes the process of acknowledging that a specified quality or standard of performance has been achieved.

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Licensure is a non-voluntary process by which an agency of government regulates a profession.

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Accreditation is a non-governmental, voluntary process that evaluates institutions, agencies, and educational programs, while certification and licensing involves individual practitioners.

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Certificate Programs

A certificate program is a training program on a specialized topic for which participants receive a certificate after completing the course and passing an assessment instrument.

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