Educational Quality, Content and Case Management Skill Sets

CMSA’s Career & Knowledge Pathways (CKP) educational program fills a longstanding gap in case management education. Theoretical content has been available for many years, but practical instruction of basic concepts of case management, as well as skills opportunities, have been left to the individual case manager and employers to determine and deliver. These circumstances have led to great variation in educational quality, content, and case management skill sets across the healthcare continuum.

The debut CKP course, CMSA Standards of Practice: The Foundation for Professional Excellence in Coordination of Care Across the Continuum, was developed by thought leaders in case management to contribute to the basic understanding of the standards that govern your practice.

Based on CMSA’s Standards of Practice for Case Management, this tool is a contextual learning program that covers each of the Standards and gives you as a case manager the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Where traditional educational programs are limited in content, structure, mode of delivery or timing, CKP uses multiple delivery methods including video, simulations and case studies to encourage a collaborative and flexible learning experience.

Consider this program for you or your staff if you are a:

  • Managed care medical or case management director looking to build a long term, sustainable workforce
  • A new case manager entering the field and looking to become more proficient in the Standards of Practice
  • An undergraduate nurse obtaining a BSN and looking to be prepared for the changing environment in health care
  • An individual case manager looking for continuing education relevant to the Standards of Practice

CKP Benefits

  • Based on CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management, referenced by NCQA and URAC
  • SOP aligns with CMS Conditions of Participation - Interpretive Guidelines 2014 and The Joint Commission Standards - Elements of Performance
  • Continuing education hours for nurses (72), social workers (60) & case managers (60)
  • Embraces the case management care continuum in any work environment
  • Contributes to consistency in foundational case management knowledge and a long term, sustainable workforce

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