What Ethics For the Case Manager - An All-Member CE Webinar
When Sep 23 2015 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (CDT)

Case Managers are routinely confronted by gray areas, which occur when there are multiple stakeholders demanding critical thinking. Regardless of title or profession of origin, practitioners must appreciate that dealing with ethical dilemmas acknowledges there may not be a clear right and wrong, when a conflict occurs. Valuable resources such as a professional code of ethics, awareness of the 5 basic ethical principles, should be viewed as practice guidelines and provide an excellent foundation in all disciplines. They improve the quality of care in the emerging models of care, and transitions of care in practice settings, highlighting the importance of communication among all providers and practitioners.


  • Become familiar with the Ethical issues, challenges, and opportunities faced as Managed Care Professionals.
  • Apply your acquired knowledge to develop a solution for specific situations
  • Recognize ethical red flags that occur when there is more than one stakeholder or point of view and be more confident in your decision making capabilities concerning Ethical situations.

Kathleen Fraser, RN-BC, MSN, MHA, CCM, CRRN
CMSA President, 2014-2016

CEs: 1 hour pending for RN, CCM, CDMS, SW

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